Symbol of our Firm

ENGEL means Angel, spirit.

An angel that as the company, grows progresses and modernizes itself. This is an angel belonging to the new millenium, innovator, alert, agile, moralistic, brave and sometimes audacious, because angels are not ruled by established norms or rigid systems.

Our angel is used to break the moulds, to change the markets, to look for alternative formulas, new directions and its fundamental objective is and always will be to be surrounded by all these collaborators who like you share this same feeling.

Nova Engel


The ENGEL family comes to Mallorca with the intention of opening a perfumery, and does so on the year 1960 in the Borne street in the center of Palma. A few years later it began its wholesale business based on their product knowledge and its easy distribution.

The company


The trends change and evolve, new opportunities emerge and, in Nova Engel, we are the first to act. Right now the company already counts with sufficient means to send a product to anywhere in the world.


B2B & B2C

As leaders in distribution to wholesale and retail levels, Nova Engel is able to meet your request whatever the place, product, or brand you are looking for. From Spain we coordinate both sales channels for greater control.



If you are interested in selling via computer integrations, Nova Engel is your partner. We provide solutions for online stores, logistics, pricing and marketing to be able to sell our products from anywhere in the EU.


Our Philosophy


We don't seek customers, we want to be your partner and support.


Your benefit is ours, we give you all the tools.


Over 40 years of experience endorse our path.


Send us your proposal or project and we will evaluate its feasibility, we will help you with the market research and the testing, and we will guide you for the results to be as expected. Lean on a group of experts in order to find the opportunities afforded by the market.

Online shops, microsites, product catalogs and, if you needed, we can also provide you any integration solution or code that you may need. API - CSV as possibilities in JAVA SCRIPT code / HTML / PHP / ASP. Design support and website layout.


Why do they put their trust on us?

Over 1,000 suppliers, wholesalers or self-employed are already working with us.
What are you waiting for? Get to sell your own products.


We count with over 9000 products from over 140 brands.


With over 50 highly qualified professionals, Nova Engel guarantees a high quality service.


Your goals are ours, we help you grow and develop in the new channels.


We use the most advanced software of the market for managing and stock control.


We count with agreements for international distribution of our products.


Each client requires a tailored solution. We will provide you a solution according to the assessed needs.

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